YOUTH COME FORWARD!! After Government Used These 5 Tactics Against #ENDSARS Protesters – What Strategy Should Youths Deploy Now?

We Nigerian Youths have not come this far with #ENDSARS protest to lose – This battle is a must-win for us all

This battle required psychological reasons as well, you can’t just be mad at things all the time, we need to use brain this time around.

As Nigerian youth and concerned citizens, we need to sit back and plan on how to attack them.

The ongoing saga is more or less like a chess game, you can’t be defending all the time else you will end up losing, it’s high time to attack.

They’ve already sent four tactics to demoralize the youths which we keep conquering.

1. Weakening Of Protest Leadership

I understood that some youths who are apparently leading their district protest have been tempted with money.

Protesters still remain unshakeable despite the fact that part of them has negotiated with the government.

Many of them later came out to confess and apologize.

2. Hoodlums Attack (Northerners too are part of this)

Since the negotiation is not really working, they came up with the idea of using hoodlums which Northerners are part of their tools

Some thugs in Lagos also accept to disrupt the peaceful protest and still on still, the protesters gave them back.

The Northerners are against our demands and we stand on “if that is the case, take SARS to the Northern part of the country”. Case closed!

3. Social Media Distractions

They succeeded in flagging out the initial #ENDSARS hashtag which has gone international, this makes everyone switch to #ENDSARS that has an icon.

They’ve tried as much as possible to distract online protesters with so many accounts like @Feminist_co, @LGBT and more but the keypad warriors are fortified.

4. Planned Prison Break In Edo State

The latest tactic is the Prison-Break in Benin City which we (the youth) already know as their planned work.

They want to use this to discredit the idea of protesting and attack protesters.

5. Operation Crocodile Smile

We received the news that this tactic will be deployed today as Nigerians are fully ready to welcome them.

It’s a tactic that involves the Nigerian Army to attack civilians, na wa for them ooo! Peaceful protest una dn intervene Army.

Those are the five tactics that have been laid out, we don’t know what they’re still planning.

Do you now see the reason why we need to give them our own too as fast as we can?

Like I said earlier, this is like a game of chess, the smart wins the game!

What Strategy Should Youths Deploy Now?

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