“This age may lose her legends to online media fiasco” Bishop David Oyedepo cautions

The overall administrator of the Living Faith Ministries (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo has approached the guideline of web-based media in the midst of how it’s eating up the Nigerian youth future.

He itemized his protest and cautioned that if care isn’t taken. The new age will lose their future legends to web-based media by means of how it has procured the enthusiasm of the new age.

In the most natural sounding way for him, he said:

“It unknowingly denies individuals of their future by denying them of their time — no an ideal opportunity to think; no an ideal opportunity to design; no an ideal opportunity to program.”

“This age may lose her legends to web-based media debacle. Here is one crawling snake that is gobbling up the predeterminations of numerous people.”

“We should awaken from our sleep to manage this beast. Youngsters, be careful! Dependence via online media resembles dependence on drugs. It’s anything but an entire fate futile.”

“This online media adventure has disintegrated the substance of predetermination of most young people today. What should be an or more has unexpectedly gotten a significant less, in light of the fact that everything of significant worth conveys through venture of time.”

“Out of nowhere, we are confronted with an age on some unacceptable side of history; the honor of this age has been cleared off — visiting the entire day with no time left to think, plan, program and connect gainfully chasing after any assignment.”

Numerous adolescents spend under 10 to 20 percent of their experience on their errands each day. They can never coordinate with an age that burns through 70% to 80 percent of their experience on their assignments.”

“We should devise intends to put a mind free admittance to web-based media, especially those that are not adding values. Life is a race. Everybody ought to get on the track, prepared for the run of their lives.”

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