Not Everyone That Sprayed Money On Obi Cubana At Oba Is Rich – 50% Are Not

Not Everyone That Sprayed Money On Obi Cubana At Oba Is Rich – 50% Are Not

🔴Obi Cubana doesn’t understand 1/2 of the large guys that attended this burial.

🔴And of the 1/2 that he knows, it’s possibly simply a handful that have private dealings with him

🔴Of he handful that have non-public dealings with him, it’s simply one or two that he absolutely helped.

🔴All this doings…it’s simply how Igbos network.

🔴It’s no longer about creating the state…they don’t care about that. Some of the guys there perchance borrowed to come mark attendance.

🔴On you exhibit your face, and make your presence recognized by way of doing your personal ameno…you have get admission to to nearly all different large guys that got here too.

🔴I mean, if I desired to companion with some of these guys, all I want to do is to exchange two mill into bundles of N200 and then storm there with my people.

🔴Make plenty noise as I can and make certain I’m noticed.

People will ask questions.

Eventually after the noise dies down…I can go to these that I prefer to…and I’ll have their interest instantly. It’s simply the igbo way of networking. None of these guys there choose to assist the authorities advance the state. It’s simply Business…Personal interests.

Is Frodd a billionaire? But he went there with financial institution of money.

You get the factor now?👇


Okay let me burst your bubble.


People are trending this picture, that Browny Igboegwu a nollywood actor used to be considered washing plates at Obi Cubana’s mom’s burial.

Are you conscious that he is connecting himself to a supernatural blessing?

Are you conscious that there have to be a SERVICE earlier than an unction, blessing and success of a individual you glamorize flows down to you?

After the burial ceremony, Obi Cubana is in reality going to bless Browny for his offerings and humility.

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