Nigerians reacts bitterly as a Man who caught a blue marlin fish worth $2.6 million ate it with his village people

A Nigerian man who is yet to be identified has let go of his greatest opportunity after he ate a blue marlin fish worth $2.6 million he caught with his village people.

This went viral after the young man flaunted it online as a sign of bliss that he is a great fisherman but unfortunately, he was denied of the knowledge that the Blue Marlin fish is worth over $2.6 million which is worth about 1.8 billion in Nigerian currency.

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Nigerians in regrets and mockery, ridged out the tragedy and streamed the fisherman’s identity following his misfortune.

A Twitter user who is identified as Sarkin photo took to his Twitter and shared his part with the caption that best states:

β€œMan reportedly caught Blue marlin fish worth $2.6 million in Warri and ate it with his village people.”

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