“Nigeria needs a proactive pioneer for the accomplishment of the country” VP, Yemi Osibanjo

The Nigerian Vice president, Yemi Osibanjo has pledged that lone the pioneers who are set up to unite the country can take care of the issue of Nigeria.

Addressing the media, he laid out that proactive pioneers are the arrangement of the Nigerian issue and encouraged for solidarity among all Nigerians.

In the most natural sounding way for him, he said:

“Our country needs every one of the pioneers — the best chiefs, the most proactive pioneers, pioneers arranged to unite the country.

“Lagos is a microcosm of Nigeria. Everyone is here. On the off chance that things work out well here, things will be OK in the country.

“I’m certain your job here is that of somebody who unites networks — Yorubas, yet everyone.”

“Also, I can see that from your selection of bosses, you have gone to different parts, and I think this is the demeanor of extraordinary pioneers.

“You should realize that you are consistently in my petitions, since I accept that your job is vital, for the improvement of this state, yet for the entire country.

“Today, you can’t consign customary rulers in view of the openness and training of the individuals who possess that position.”

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