Labour unions strategise ahead of proposed fuel subsidy removal

Labour unions strategise ahead of proposed fuel subsidy removal

The yr 2022 is loaded with a lot of expectations, specially the Federal Government’s deliberate elimination of petrol subsidy.
With the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) turning into law, necessitating full deregulation of the downstream sector amid different sweeping changes envisaged in the oil and gas sector, the woes of Nigerian employees might also come in torrents amid stagnated wage regime.
This comes as the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) said it has already begun to mobilise its participants to resist the elimination of subsidies.
National President of the association, Dr Tommy Okon, stated in Abuja: “We are attractive in advocacy and enlightening our participants to let them recognize that the place this authorities is taking us to ought to be resisted. Why is the authorities nevertheless pumping cash into the electrical energy zone it claimed to have deregulated and commercialised? As I take a seat here, my grandchildren are owing due to the fact this authorities has over-borrowed to the factor that we do now not even recognize what we borrowed again.

“Any try at eliminating petrol subsidy is akin to dwelling on ‘fantasy island’. The authorities is struggling from what I will name ‘policy abortion’. In this case, the authorities is foot-dragging on the fee of N30,000 minimal wage; epileptic electrical energy supply, no pipe-borne water provide and no environment friendly public transportation are social drawbacks that are affecting the first-rate of existence of Nigerians.
“Yes, it may additionally be a depend of regulation given that the PIA is now a reality, however legal guidelines need to come with human face and sympathy. These matters are no longer completely about legality however additionally about morality. Laws are made for man and no longer man for the law.
“Labour has the justification to go on strike of activity and strike of right. We can go on strike to pressure the fingers of authorities on this remember if we are pushed to the wall,” he said.

Okon alleged that the elimination of petrol subsidy is an try to mobilise assets for the 2023 elections and no longer about the health of the people.
THE Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) had formerly insisted that employees and hundreds would now not be given any similarly enlarge in the pump charge of gasoline in the identify of subsidy removal, urging people and the residents to put together for whole warfare in opposition to the gasoline fee hike.

NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, in his New Year message to workers, also named Zamfara, Taraba, Benue, Kogi, Cross Rivers, Abia and Imo states as seven states but to enforce the N30,000 minimal wage that took impact on April 18, 2019. NLC directed the affected states to begin indefinite strikes to pressure the respective country governments to put into effect the new wage.

In a nine-page statement, NLC stated the authorities is nonetheless now not relenting in its willpower to push via in addition will increase in the pump charge of petrol and which, as usual, had been dubbed as “removal of petrol subsidy.
“Organised Labour has made its role clear on this matter. We have informed the authorities in very clear phrases that Nigerians have suffered adequate and will no longer undergo extra punishment via way of in addition petrol and electrical energy charge increases.
Labour unions strategise in advance of proposed gasoline subsidy removal
“Our function in this regard is predicated on 4 fundamental grounds. First is our issue on the deceit and duplicity related with the politics of petrol fee extend via successive governments. The reality is that the perennial amplify with the aid of the authorities of the pump rate of petrol is virtually a switch of authorities failure and incapability to correctly govern to the delight of the bad hundreds of our country.

“We are speaking of the failure of authorities to manipulate Nigeria’s 4 oil refineries and incapacity to construct new ones greater than 30 years after the final petrochemical refinery in Port Harcourt was once commissioned; the failure to rein in smuggling; and the failure to decide empirically the volume of petrol fed on in Nigeria. The disgrace takes a gory dimension with the reality that Nigeria is the solely OPEC u . s . a . that can’t refine its very own crude oil.”
ALSO, the People’s Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M), a coalition of persons and companies dedicated to the emergence and constructing of a mass employees party, and the Socialist Transformation of Nigeria, has rejected the latest hike in the charge of gasoline and the impending hikes in the charge of gasoline and electrical energy tariff, amongst different things.

The coalition cited in a communiqué signed by way of Comrade Jaye Gaskia and Comrade Omotoye Olorode of the TRAP-M secretariat, that it would organise some other Occupy Nigeria Protests on the tenth anniversary of the first one this January.

The NLC, late final year, additionally introduced plans to embark on nationwide protests on January 27, 2022, to protest in opposition to strikes through the Nigerian authorities to extend gas prices.
The first Occupy Nigeria Protests have been held between January two and 14, 2012 throughout Nigeria to kick in opposition to the elimination of gasoline subsidy by means of the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

The meeting, which was once held on Sunday, was once targeted on the deteriorating nation of the state in general, evolving traits with regards to rising strength costs, and the impending hikes in gas charge and electrical energy tariff being proposed by using the Buhari administration.

“Towards this end, TPAP-M shall attain out to different like-minded organisations, and hyperlink up with similar-minded persons to construct a mass base for a large famous resistance starting in January 2022.

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