“I requested that google bring down my application from the play store” Adamu Garba pledges

The official competitor, Adamu Garba has pledged that he requested that Google bring down his application from play store.

This was uncovered by him during a meeting with the Punchnews Ng where he uncovered that individuals’ commendation can’t bring down Application from the play store.

The Nigerian legislator who supported the Twitter boycott in Nigeria additionally promised that since the adventure, a great many Nigerians has changed to his application.

In a way that would sound natural to him, he said:

“We brought down Crowwe App on the grounds that we are attempting to refresh the codes and afterward set it back up. There are a few bugs which we distinguished which can forestall future downloads so we chose to cut it down, alter the code and afterward set it back up.”

“Indeed, a many individuals have been posting reports however it has no impact on the application. Actually before you distribute an application, you need to go through a great deal of reviews and a ton of these individuals remarking don’t have a clue.”

“The application being introduced steers clear of the client however closely relates to the actual application. There is a bug influencing the contact list data so we needed to present a help report to bring it down which was finished. We are nearly finished with the distributing and we will push it back and it very well may be introduced around evening time or tomorrow first thing”

Garba’s crowee’s application was erased from the Play store yesterday hours Nigerians vigorously revealed it as unencouraging.

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