“Crayon’s E.P is maddd!!!” Arya starr applauds Crayon new EP

The Mavins record new signee, Arya Starr recently hipped praise on her fellow Mavin Record signee, Crayon who just dropped an EP.

Crayon who seem to have been struggling since he stroke the limelight recently released an EP that got fans sentiment blowing hard on the four songs.

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20210327 115417

On Twitter, he announced the thriller saying:

“This one is for the family, and everyone on a journey. New dawn begins at Twelve A.M. Thursday Midnight”

Alongside other fans and even his fellow signee, Arya Starr much commends has labelled his EP as a banger and there is no doubt about that.

Arya Starr took to her Twitter handle and professed her bliss about the Ep saying:

“Crayon’s E.P is maddd !!!” 

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