Broke boyfriend steals plantains so to afford his girlfriend’s make-up box

Shock aroused lately after a young lover who is so passionate about fulfilling his girlfriend’s demands ended up stealing bunches of plantains so as to afford his lover’s make-up box.

The unlucky dude who was caught in the act at Ebedebiri, Sagbama Local Government Area of the state, confessed openly that he was eager to meet to his girlfriend’s tensions.

He also revealed that his girlfriend demanded the sum of N10, 000 for her make-up box_ says he was threatened with a deadline date. This thrust him into the act.

Out of frustration, he couldn’t withstand the pressure of losing his girlfriend and lunched his stealing abilities by devouring people’s bunches of plantain.

He is currently at the hands of the community authorities as they look up to penalise his act.

Nigerians are also sharing their thoughts on the saga via all the social media platforms in a hilarious manner.

What’s your view?

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