Jacob Zuma condemned for disdain of court by South Africa most elevated court – See wetin we know

Jacob Zuma condemned for disdain of court by South Africa most elevated court - See wetin we know

South Africa previous President Jacob Zuma wear dey condemned to 15 months by di most elevated court for di kontri.

Dem allow am five days to hand imself in to police or probably police serve should arrange im capture.

The prison sentence comes after the Constitutional Court saw him as blameworthy of disdain for resisting its request to show up at an investigation into defilement while he was president.

Dis wan na afta di Constitutional Court see am as liable of scorn afta e bone court request to show up for one investigation into defilement wen e be president.

Mr Zuma time in power, wey end for 2018, come mind claims of debasement.

Money managers gather charge say dem scheme with legislators to impact dynamic cycle.

Di previous president show up for di investigation into wetin dem wear dey call “state catch” however cave e will not show once more.

Di request – wey dey headed by Justice Raymond Zondo – ask di Constitutional Court to chook mouth.

Wetin di judge tok?

Acting Chief Justice Sisi Khampepe no keep down for her decision. Mr Zuma won’t come to court to clarify im activities, she tok, and e “choose rather to offer provocative expressions wey no get merit wey put forth up a determined attempt to messy di uprightness of di legal executive.

“I no get anoda choice except for to submit Mr Zuma to detainment, with trust say as I do as such, e go send solid message… di law and order and di organization of equity na koko.”

Di previous president no dey court to hear di greater part managing and canister wear proclaim on numerous occasions say e be di survivor of one ogbonge political trick.

BBC Andrew Harduing say dis prison sentence mark sensational defining moment for man wey last dey jail 50 years prior, for im part inside South Africa freedom battle.

For anoda separate lawful matter, Mr Zuma argue not blameworthy last month for im defilement preliminary wey include $5bn (ยฃ3bn) arms bargain from di 1990s.

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